14 Facts About Tattoos

If you are in love with tattoos then you will just love this article. These facts are really very interesting and unique.


11.1 More women are getting tattooed today as compared to men.

2. Tattoo making is considered as a small medical procedure.

3. A device developed by Thomas Edison in 1876 was later used for tattoo making after certain improvements by Sameuls.

4. A restaurant in Ohio offering cheeseburgers and fish burgers as their specialty offer life time discount of 25% to anyone having a cheeseburger or fish burger tattoo.

5. Lucky Diamond of New Zealand is believed to be having the highest number of tattoos in the world. After finding no additional space on his body, he got lighter tattoos on top of the dark ones.

6. In Oklahoma it was illegal to get a tattoo until 2006.

7. The ink used to make the tattoos is believed to be made up of solid metals and particles, metal dyes instead of vegetable dyes.

8. Melanie Grieveson of Austraila, a renowned tattoo artist completed the longest session of tattoo making. This session had the recorded time of 43 hours and 50 minutes. It is not confirmed but the rumors are that it was body art work with a lot of eagle feather designs.

Example of Eagle Feather Tattoos


9. James Polk, the US president is the first white man to engrave a Chinese character tattoo.

10. In Oregon, practicing tattoo making without a license or in an unlicensed shop is considered as a crime.

11. In 1769, the word tattoo was included in the Oxford English Dictionary with credits to Mr. John Cook.

12. Most tattoo artists are reluctant to tattoo pregnant women.

13. More than 40 million people of USA have tattoos.


14. Most tattoo artists claim that protecting the tattoo from sunlight after first two years of carving, keep them more bright and prominent for the life time.