2 Lovely Tattoo Designs

1. Flower Tattoos

Flowers are a common tattoo design that people can get. It can serve as a backdrop or be used as the sole symbol for their tattoo. A very common tattoo that many people get is a rose or roses in the background on their tattoo.

If people have taken the time to look at their tattoo meanings before they get a tattoo, they would know that flowers such as the rose are often associated with things like youth, vitality, or new life. The most common thing associated with flowers is love.

2. Meanings of Butterfly Tattoos

The butterfly symbolizes change or a certain transformation.it can also show love and joy. The tattoo shows beauty or the changes and the peace that comes with it. In paintings, especially Dutch Renaissance butterflies clearly showed and stood for fleeting love.

It symbolizes both life and death, with its three stages is symbolizes the ages of mankind, it symbolizes reincarnation, it also symbolizes progress and self-completion throughout life, it symbolizes femininity and fragility. To view more tattoo designs like this check out this tattoo gallery.