Different Types of Tattoos

A tattoo is a permanent mark, and whether it is for ornamental purposes or memorial purposes, it should be a mark that suits you.

Even if you know roughly what you want put on your skin, there are still many choices to be made when it comes to style. There are many types of tattoos to choose from, so consider your options before you talk to an artist.

For example, tribal tattoos are iconic in that they use sharp black lines arranged to form an abstract design similar to Mayan tattoo designs.

The lines of a tribal tattoo can simply be used to compliment the line of your body or they can be arranged to evoke a specific thing, like a rose, a bull or a scorpion. Tribal and trinity tattoos are a good choice for people with dark skin, as the black shows up very well.

Black and gray tattoos use only different shades of black ink. The black ink is diluted with water to create tones of black and gray, and using this simple monochrome palatte, extremely delicate tattoos can be created.

Black and gray tattoos do well when you want a hyper-realistic look to your body art, as the black and gray can create shadows and shading. In some cases, a black and gray tattoo is highlighted using white ink.