Famous People and Their Tattoos

Lord Harold II of England was well known for some things including his numerous tattoos. His tattoos were utilized to distinguish his body after his passing at the Battle of Hastings in 1066…he may never have been well known whether he had not been inked!

George C. Reiger Jr. was an American who bragged to have more than 1,000 tattoos in light of Disney characters. His tattoos incorporate every one of the 101 Dalmatians.

The greater part of the characters were copyrighted so Reiger needed to look for consent from Disney to get his tattoos and he now claims to be the main individual on the planet with such approval. If you want to see more tattoos like a ladybug and similar visit this tattoo website.


He got the consent on the condition that he not to go to a tattoo parlor, show up in an inking magazine or profit in any capacity from his tattoos.

Early tattoos utilized pee blended with shaded colors to make their tattoos. Exceptionally weird…but genuine!

The development of the primary tattoo machine utilized the outline of the doorbell. Amazing…but genuine.

In the late nineteenth and mid-twentieth hundreds of years it was extremely popular for nobles, both men and ladies, to be inked. Around then inking was extremely costly and individuals paid colossal totals of cash for their outlines.

stella-grassman with hourglass tattoo

Later the expenses were decreased and inking was embraced by the lower classes. That is the point at which the practice dropped out of support with the social world class and they went ahead to much more costly approaches to beautify their bodies.