14 Facts About Tattoos

If you are in love with tattoos then you will just love this article. These facts are really very interesting and unique.


11.1 More women are getting tattooed today as compared to men.

2. Tattoo making is considered as a small medical procedure.

3. A device developed by Thomas Edison in 1876 was later used for tattoo making after certain improvements by Sameuls.

4. A restaurant in Ohio offering cheeseburgers and fish burgers as their specialty offer life time discount of 25% to anyone having a cheeseburger or fish burger tattoo.

5. Lucky Diamond of New Zealand is believed to be having the highest number of tattoos in the world. After finding no additional space on his body, he got lighter tattoos on top of the dark ones.

6. In Oklahoma it was illegal to get a tattoo until 2006.

7. The ink used to make the tattoos is believed to be made up of solid metals and particles, metal dyes instead of vegetable dyes.

8. Melanie Grieveson of Austraila, a renowned tattoo artist completed the longest session of tattoo making. This session had the recorded time of 43 hours and 50 minutes. It is not confirmed but the rumors are that it was body art work with a lot of eagle feather designs.

Example of Eagle Feather Tattoos


9. James Polk, the US president is the first white man to engrave a Chinese character tattoo.

10. In Oregon, practicing tattoo making without a license or in an unlicensed shop is considered as a crime.

11. In 1769, the word tattoo was included in the Oxford English Dictionary with credits to Mr. John Cook.

12. Most tattoo artists are reluctant to tattoo pregnant women.

13. More than 40 million people of USA have tattoos.


14. Most tattoo artists claim that protecting the tattoo from sunlight after first two years of carving, keep them more bright and prominent for the life time.

Tattoos Through History

In other time-periods, tattoos also served specialized purposes. Going the furthest back in American history, assorted Native American tribes utilized tattoos; it was primarily for the goal of showing their position to one’s individual tribe. For the Polynesians, tattooing was a mode of relating family history; each individual had his own distinct tattoos to show the story of his family.

Some of the earliest explorers on the American continent are said to carry gotten this background from the Polynesians’ forms of tattoos. Something similar to scorpion tattoos or owl or even maybe crow tattoos.


Two of the oldest Egyptian mummies were discovered to have even had tattoos. These tattoos, which are only found on female mummies, consist of patterns of lines, dots and dashes.

As the women themselves were connected to ritualistic practices, it is assumed that the tattoos they had were in some way representative of that fact. It is only speculation on the parts of the researchers, due to their knowledge of the lifestyles of that period in time.


Although Oriental symbols are undeniably trendy for tattoos in America, it is not widely known that both the Japanese and Chinese cultures have held a strong opposition to the occupation of tattooing all through history.

With both societal and religious viewpoints agreeing that tattooing is something which ought to not be done, it is still widely held to be a means of contaminating one’s body. You can read this great article about it to learn more about it.

For the ancient Chinese, tattooing was used as a punishment for criminal practice, putting such visible marks on an individual to forever brand him as a felon.


Test your Rotary Tattoo Kits on Practice Skin first

Only a few years ago, tattoo artists had restricted choices if this came to practice skins. The majority were either made out of rubber or plastic, providing almost no with respect to a real life experience. In the event you wanted to perfect your craft, you’d be challenged to get an excellent image implementing those materials.

Winnie The Pooh (1)

Today artists are able to develop tattoo practice skin created from synthetic skin-like material or even leather. Whether you are trying out a new equipment of simply want to work with your line work, shading, or filling, these toppers is among the most preferred choice for the tattoo artist.

Rotary Tattoo Kits

The most important contrast between the rotary and coil tattoo machines include the way ink is inserted to the skin. The method through which the rotary machine works is much easier, making the session much more enjoyable on your client.

The coil machines utilize a complicated electromagnetic current that produces an escape inside the circuit, pushing the needle within the actual and releasing when circuit is broken. The power forces those needles in to the skin, whilst the spring around the coil systems pulls the needle returning to the original position. Artists discover the rotary machines give them the better chance to create a smooth image due to the less disturbance in the use of the ink.

How to take care about your tattoo

You new tattoo becomes your sole responsibility once it has been put under your skin. You are going to need to heal it with ointments and keep it clean to get the very best results.

You’ll see the skin in the area where you have had your tattoo is not insensitive. When your tat is finished, you will need to leave the bandage on for the time indicated by the tattoo artist. This really is typically anywhere between four and ten hours. Avoid the impulse to steal a peek. This will give your skin more protection. Check out this beautiful elephant tattoo designs and the meaning of it.

Do so gently, when it’s finally time to take the bandage off. Do not make use of a washcloth for this, since it may cause bruising on the skin that is sensitive. Lightly pat some healing cream dries and apply on to the skin. It will be advisable to go for a creme with a gentle antibiotic. Simply use enough lotion to keep the skin moist. When the tattoo starts feeling tight and dry, reapply the lotion. Read about the meaning of crow tattoos.

Exposing the skin to as much atmosphere as possible will also accelerate the healing process. In some cases, the tat develop a light scab that is followed by means of an itch or may peel off slightly. Resist the urge to pick at the scabs or scratch the itchy skin. Prevent touching the sensitive skin, in order to reduce any chances of developing an illness or a rash.


Make sure that you do not soak the tattoo that is fresh. You can apply ointment on to the skin to make sure it stays dry when you’re in the shower. Treat your tattoo that is fresh as you would an open wound.



Welcome and enjoy in your stay

In our tattoo studio, we are making outstanding tattoos and our costumers love it. With great equipment and experience in work, our every design looks magnificent.
we had one customer that was extra demanding. He wanted to have art in color and he wanted to have extra tattoo inside art, like an element of sun or wolf. In specific dimensions and specific color ways. I have loaded my gun with a mix of colored ink, prepared my new tattoo arm rest and started to make a template on his back and neck. (Gallery of amazing octopus tattoos)

He even wanted a skull on his arm, but he will do that next time. He didn’t want any supplements for pain like tattoo numbing cream. He said that he enjoys a little in pain. Well,  that was not unusual from me because, every tenth men is going for tattooing without any supplements. After 10 – 15 minutes, he asked me if I am using disposable tattoo tubes. I answered to him with a little smile that I only have them and I only use them. Not to overcomplicate my article but he was asking questions like 1 every 2 minutes like what tattoo starting kits do I have or what do I know about temporary tattoos and how to remove them … Overall hard, colorful and detailed tattoo with a lot of questions.

Love to share my tattoo experience.