Why I love Hummingbird Tattoos and Meanings?

Hummingbird Tattoo Meaning

Hummingbird tattoos are interesting and intriguing. Tattoos nowadays are more popular. Most people have smaller tattoos (like a hummingbird) though and wear them in disguise.

Bird tattoos have grown in acceptance in the previous years, and have become part of the mainstream tattoos. Other popular bird tattoo designs include swallow tattoos, bald eagle tattoos, or American eagle tattoos. There is a lot of mysticism around hummingbird tattoos, which can be found here.

Basically, Hummingbird is a part of American Indian folklore and mythology. Some believe that the hummingbird once filled its pants with seed to go beyond the sun and see what is there. It only ate one seed per day but was not able to complete the journey, because it fell short of food.

Another story concerning the hummingbird is found when one thinks ofBrazil. There, it’s known that hummingbirds hoarded water so that human didn’t have access to it, until Cain gang and Butucuo Indians released it.


Nowadays, the hummingbird is seen mainly as a love charm. Some people wear a dead hummingbird around their neck in a little bag, as it is said to attract members of the opposite sex. Some say that if you dry it, make it into a powder, then pour some of it into a drink of another person, they can be charmed.

Hummingbirds can also symbolize the celebration of life, hope, and joy. Also, they symbolize the act of appreciating each moment and taking note of everything that is around you. Similar tattoo ideas and motivation can be viewed in this great gallery.